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From the Pit - The Metal Hardcore Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

Dick Vomit Toxic Holocaust show ruled! Skeletonwitch 10/26 Underground Arts Black Metal Mischief Night Show KFNT Harper's Show Fronteirer - Orange mathmatics

Oct 18, 2016

Ground nj represent! The dillinger escape plan dissociation Rolling Stone discusses hardcore youth crew fashion Red fang- only ghosts Cthulhu - a cryo chamber mass collab. Part one of 3. All 3 are availible to purchase Teethgrinder- Misanthropy 2015 New album "Serpent's Tongue" from njhc band Wastelands

Oct 11, 2016

Today we talk about: Meshuggah the violent sleep of reason Buckshot face-lift buck at the moon Dillinger escape plan. Dissociation 10.14.16 Anaalnathrak is creepy, dark, technical black metal. (The whole of the law) Must hear. Third track from the new khemmis album hunted (Oct 21) From Russia with Vorvan. Once love was...

Oct 4, 2016

Führer Mike and the Blackened Genres by From the Pit - Metal Podcast